LemmyBB: federated bulletin board

Lemmy front-end in the style of phpBB, written in Rust.
Announcement: https://join-lemmy.org/news/2022-11-02-_First_release_of_LemmyBB
& https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/first-release-of-lemmybb-a-federated-bulletin-board-written-in-rust/2629
(https://lemmy.ml/post/577379, https://lemmy.ml/post/363093, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=33438493)
Flagship instance: https://fedibb.ml/ (announced in https://lemmy.ml/post/562877)
Chat: #lemmybb:matrix.org
Previous thread about Lemmy: %UF7 ( @Danie )
#lemmy #fediverse #fedibb #rust
cc: @Daan

Patchfox passes XML-RPC validation test

This is the old XML-RPC validation site from scripting.com. It basically calls a series of example RPC methods on your server expecting some known responses. All of them are related to getting U.S. State names.
I’ve implemented those methods just for kicks and passed validation.
For example, this calls examples.getStateName(23) which maps in the pre-defined responses to Minnesota.
The way I implemented adding methods to the server is by having an api/ folder.


A new cycle has begun

Patchfox is made of water, it changes shape depending on the circumstances.
It is time for it to adopt a new shape.
I was not really expecting this but a new from scratch rewrite has begun yesterday. In this post I’ll outline why I’m doing it and where I want it to go.
It would probably be better to call this client by a different name, but I know that if I abandon the Patchfox name it will simply vanish from memory as the project never had the objective of fostering a community of contributors that could take it over.


W3C Social Web Incubator Community Group (SWICG/SocialCG) mailing list re-opened

Announcement: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swicg/2022Nov/0001.html (2022-11-26)
Mentioned on the Fediverse (Lemmy): https://lemmy.ml/post/630012 (2022-12-01)
Discussions have started:
SocialCG (SWICG) “continues the work of the W3C Social Web Working Group” which produced ActivityPub and IndieWeb specifications:
The community group may draft specifications that could go on to be standardized in W3C working groups.
SocialCG maintains the ActivityStreams 2.0 namespace for extensions:


article about SSB, arguing against permanence on social networks (2022-11-08)
3 comments: https://comment.ctrl.blog/discussion/append-only-social
via https://indieweb.org/wiki/index.php?title=Secure_Scuttlebutt&type=revision&diff=84544&oldid=74537 ( %qDK @pub_cel )
by the same author as:
%kE/ ( @agentofuser ) - about the non-readiness of distributed web (2019/2020) %zOn ( @lxoliva ) - about p2p git, but missing the point of git-ssb (2020)

Podcast - Walter Isaacson: History of Social Media

Podcast - Walter Isaacson: History of Social Media A couple months ago before Elon Musk took over twitter I was interviewed for Walter Isaacson’s Trailblazers podcast to talk about social media. It’s always hard to tell how much of these interviews will be used. Sometimes you talk for hours and then they only use a soundbite. For example they sent a film crew to my house for a full day of interviews for what became part of Rise of the Billionaires but i’m not sure if i was in it at all… Or all of our experience with the Forbes article, some folks spent a lot of time talking to the journalist without seeming to have much effect on the arc of the story.


Manyverse 0.2211.30-beta

#Manyverse 0.2211.30-beta ✅ (Android) Bug fix: app sometimes freezing
✅ Bug fix: color of @ symbol on Activity tab
✅ Bug fix: crash when refreshing the feed
✅ Bug fix: crashing due to out-of-memory
✅ Bug fix: new and less buggy Profile top bar
🔷 Improve crash reports to have less metadata
🔷 Improve Esperanto and Russian translations
🔷 Improve memory usage
🔷 Improve Norwegian and Dutch translations
Update from: manyver.


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